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For Relationships, Art,
Career, Health

Uncork Genius is the unusually effective prayer and coaching ministry from Constanzia (Zia) Hooker,
specializing in uncommon solutions for difficult challenges.  

Read the testimonies below! The results are multi-faceting healing that only God can do.

Zia and her team provide mentoring to develop passion projects and creative calling,. The strategy helps to “uncork” a person’s inner genius from the Holy Spirit.

HEALING | This prayers may seem out-of-reach, but specific answers have included: 

  • Repairing existing marriages, and removing blocks to entering marriage.

  • Physical healing (esp. via spiritual roots — incl. autoimmune, cancer, and mental sickness).

  • Breaking financial blockades.

  • Restoring traumatized emotions (e.g, disassociation / parts / fragments). 

  • Refreshing the artistic dimension.

DESTINY | Healing then encourages a person’s full creative life narrative.

  • Mentoring into next chapter of creative destiny.

  • Breakthrough in daily practice.

  • Refocusing onto the presence of God’s love.

  • Unlocking dream interpretation, prophetic gifts and ministry calling.

  • Tangible anointing through practical, measurable steps.

The goal is to allow God to release the creative favor He designed.  
"I have come that you may experience life to the full."  John 10:10


Zia Nevins

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Zia is exquisitely gifted with laser accuracy to see through decades and/or generations to the seed of current issues. I’ve never met anyone who operates with this level of precision accompanied by such great grace! She is an amazing gift to the body of Christ for such a time as this.
— Brenda B.
For those who are just getting to know Zia, I would like to say that her heart is just as genuine as can be. This is necessary for the work she has been called to do. When my daughter was on life support and I was told that there was nothing that could be done, due to her battle with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Zia called forth the prayer band and kept my daughter in their prayers. She got the pastor of her church to come down to pray for our daughter at the hospital. My daughter was touched by her prayer chain and today my daughter has been blessed with the touch of the creator of this universe for a second chance at life. I am a living witness to the power of God and prayers. May the Blessings Be.
— Charles K.
Working with Zia in the spiritual realm has proved more beneficial than years of therapy. I am an extensive researcher and a fighter who has gone after my issues tenaciously and with an open mind to try new things. But despite nearly a decade of constant prayer & repentance, self-help groups, and thousands of dollars spent on counseling, neuro-feedback therapy, bodywork massage, applied kinesiology, medication, supplements, etc., etc.; I found myself still troubled by intrusive thoughts and behaviors around bulimia/anorexia, PTSD, self-harm, depression & anxiety, and suicidal ideation. Enter Zia. She has clear and detailed visions of Jesus rescuing the traumatic, fractured pieces of my past; she walks me through cleansing generational lines and demonic strongholds & agreements. And rather than just “talking at” Jesus and straining to hear that “still, small voice,” Zia has real-time back-and-forth conversations with Jesus as we invite Him in to do his rescuing and healing work. If you are thinking that sounds too “out-there” for you, let me add a couple more things. Zia’s approach is very practical and straight-forward — no dramatics or super-charged emotions in an effort to conjure up a forced spiritual experience. Many of her insights, while always prompted by the Spirit, are real-world, concrete, and logical. Currently I have had about six sessions with Zia. Thoughts and behaviors that I was convinced I would never shake have evaporated. My mind is clearer and I feel in-charge inside my own head. Emotionally, I am more consistently at peace and have more joy than at any other point in my life. Interacting with Jesus the way we do in session has given me a sense of reparation for the years of constant abuse, injustices, and mind-games I suffered as a child. But not only that, prayer counseling with Zia has brought restoration, healing, and forgiveness on the deepest levels of my being that every other process I’ve been through in the past has been unable to touch.
— Mary A.
When I first met Zia is was like a breath of fresh air to me. I was thirsty for the freedom of the Spirit and this is what I found with her. Zia has a unique prophetic gift and she ministers from a place of ease, fun, compassion and disarming honesty. In every session I am just blown away by the accuracy and precision with which she discerns the Lord’s voice. You can tell how a lot about the scope and the depth of her relationship to Him from her profound and often surprising insights into what’s going on spiritually. Since starting the sessions I have been able to let go of many false identities and ideas about how I thought God/church wanted me to be and began to trust His unique calling for my life.
— Yasmin O.
Zia is tremendously sensitive to the Holy Spirit. She described what was happening in the spirit, and I immediately started feeling those very same responses in my body and emotions. Very powerful and intense prayer.
— Lori G.
Zia has a unique laid back style of relational ministry that operates in great authority. Her insights and knowledge of the ways of God break apart strongholds and allow healing to flow in a huge way. I have personally been set free from effects of sexual abuse that were tormenting and painful. At first, the enemy was mad, but after a few months, I have been walking in more victory than ever! I was dealing with a lot of fear and powerlessness in my primary relationships. Now I feel secure, bolder, and confident in my communications with my nearest and dearest.
— Michelle S.
Zia is a powerhouse to work with. I appreciate the way she speaks life with Love and Truth. Zia has walked with me through some dark moments and brought me through in victory. My favorite is how she reminds me of my personal value and strength in helping others.
— Daniel O.
I thank God for leading me to Zia! Her ministry has been such a blessing to me! Ever since I can remember, I have been oppressed by the enemy and have endured demonic torment. Zia is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice, so she has been able to get to the root causes of many of the strongholds that have held me captive for years. Zia possesses what the church today seems to lack: understanding, power, and authority. I have been to many pastors and church leaders who have deliverance ministries, but they don’t usually address issues concerning inner healing and alters. Thankfully, Zia is very knowledgeable, and she works through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring redemption of the soul!
— Chantelle S.
Sessions with Zia were relaxing. Each session was different and unique. What I liked about my sessions with Zia was that she is super prophetic and encouraging. Receiving her ministry confirmed some of the calling that I had on my life and I see (my gifting) myself more clearly than before.
— Andy W.
Zia’s prayer engagements have been powerful, deep and authentic.
— Rick P.
Peace is where restoration is. Restoration occurs after healing. We never realize how deep our wounds are until someone or something touches it. Healing is necessary for things to be restored and made whole. That is what Constanzia is gifted in. The process of healing that allows God to restore. Her heart and spirit are what makes the process bearable. When I first spoke with Constanzia I was carrying lots of wounds from my past. I was very easily triggered by others. How they responded to me. What I thought they thought of me. But praying with Zia we dig into generational pain. How I saw myself but what I saw was NOT what God was showing me. Taking the mask off allowed me to not be easily triggered. Allowed me to see myself more in my spirit identity. It also helped me to recognize the Lie that the Enemy was whispering and helped me to cast it down and not agree with it. That is huge. I’m so grateful for how she handled me. With Grace and love.
The insight and transparency she shares makes you desire to be healed even more.
— Sherie B.
Zia has an incredible gift of discernment. She is able to sense the spiritual climate around a person, and also one’s feelings and emotions, and pray through these. There have been quite a few emotions and attitudes I had that Zia discerned through ministering with the Holy Spirit. I believe this method of healing is extremely powerful, as it bypasses huge amounts of time wasted in counseling, which can be like dogs chasing rabbits. Especially when generational problems are the cause and only God really knows what happened in the past. Zia was very effective at tuning into difficulties caused by generational sins. She also brings a joyful attitude to the sessions.
— Don L.
Zia has been a real blessing to me. She has been able to see past the spirits I feel and that trouble me to get through to the real me and minister deliverance. For over three years I had real pressure on my right side of my head. I knew it was oppression and I would use scripture, fasting, and prayer to make it stop. It would only last for a little bit. Zia was able to see what it really was and we prayed and until last night it hasn’t returned. This was over a month ago. When it happened last night I rebuked by name and it disappeared. The last few weeks my eyesight was getting real blurry and there was a spirit coming against me to block my gifts. She saw the cloak and my eyesight has been fine. I’m very thankful. I was about to go the eye doctor and get some glasses. She saved me time and money. I just don’t get attacked spiritually but whatever attack comes against me it effects me physically as well. I have a friend who is struggling too. I didn’t hesitate to recommend Zia to her. I told my friend that Zia is able to see past the spirits and minister true deliverance. I don’t know if she has reached out to her yet but I am praying that she does. I really desire to see her free. Thank Zia! God Bless.
— Leanne P.
If you’ve ever polished tarnished silver or brass, you know how amazing it is when it starts to shine. This is how I would describe Zia’s ministry and how it’s impacted me. She is one of God’s restoration artists, bringing to light the harmful lies that we often allow to mask the awesome gifts and purposes He has given us, and helping to lead us out of those lies to freedom. There are things I might never have realized about myself if she hadn’t revealed them to me—not her alone of course, but the Holy Spirit speaking through her, in her own humble, gentle, and creative way.
“Instead of bronze I will bring gold, instead of iron I will bring silver; Instead of wood, bronze; instead of stones, iron. I will appoint peace your governor, and justice your ruler.” (Isaiah 60:17). This is exactly what God wants to do for each one of us, to take away our junk, show us our best selves, and make us shine for Him. Zia is one of his very unique instruments for doing just that. I thank the Lord for her!
— Bob F.
Zia has been a gift from God to me. I deeply appreciate her friendship, pastoral care, her prayer for me, her skills in hearing God and her ability to almost effortlessly lead me in inner healing along with the Holy Spirit. Being friends, we often just start with a normal convo (not even looking to swim in inner healing waters in those times) when suddenly she drops a line that will reverberate or resonate through me - and I know that the Holy Spirit is behind that. It’s very impacting - in the best of ways!

Zia has a special and unique capability to understand and teach about personalities, spiritual structures, inner healing, and why people are what they currently are and what they do. Her tremendous insight has been beneficial to me on many levels as she has been able to translate “Heidi” to me! That might sound a bit silly - but as a deep thinker and feeler - there have been times when I’ve lacked the verbiage to explain something about me to someone (and this bothers me immensely). Zia has filled in the gaps and helped me to find the words to match the feelings and experiences at times. I deeply appreciate her deep insight!

Thank you Zia for being such a blessing to myself and others through your ministry at Uncork Genius and beyond! Your ministry and partnership with the Holy Spirit is changing lives in the best of ways - you are a gem! I appreciate how you shine brightly for Jesus Christ!
— Heidi G.
Inner healing is a gift we should all participate in. Zia’s kind heart, Godly wisdom and training make her an excellent leader in this area. Her Eyes and ears are wide open to Holy Spirit and she is fully directed by His voice.
— Mark W.
Constanzia has been a catalyst in my beginning an intense healing with God that I have been waiting to receive for years but needed someone to shed some light into my stuck situation. Constanzia did just that. Her wisdom and insight is truly God given. She has helped expose the lies that were a part of my thought patterns and helped initiate the start of the Lord untangling parts of my life that were holding me back. She has helped me understand and embrace who God has created me to be. I am walking freer and ready to start pursuing my God given talents and desires that have been sitting dormant. Constanzia engages with honour, compassion and enthusiasm. I highly recommend her.
— Anna B.
Constanzia is an unusually gifted channel for the wisdom of God. I have known her well for several years and can vouch to the unique spiritual strength she can impart on others. She is direct light from heaven. When you have an issue that you can’t quite get to the root of, consultation with her will save one from lot of unnecessary striving. She is impressively talented in many aspects: pure-hearted, supernatural inspiration, rare insight, constant faith, and great company. Enjoy!
— Dave N.
Zia, as I know her, for as long as I’ve known her has given consistent, brilliant, penetrating wisdom. I would send anyone I care about to her for counsel and a fresh perspective. Wisdom has blossomed in her like a brussel sprout - packed with nutrition, and sweeter for the rough weather she’s personally been through. Zia’s also very much like a hard working miner, and her determination and resolve to get to the root of a problem shows up in the time she’s willing to invest in prayer with a person. Her bright faith and reassuringly mature perspective is a great fit for a personal coach. Be blessed!
— Owusu A.
Zia always seems to know the heart of God at any given time. She would look at me and often say a timely word of affirmation or encouragement. She brought a peace into the conversation. Gentle, loving Spirit that imparted a sense of God’s Love.
— Dan V.
Each time Zia’s prayers and prophetic words for me were always encouraging and “right on.”
I always felt blessed.
— Maria B.
Zia is warm yet straight forward in providing the messages she receives from the Holy Spirit. She truly has a heart for Christ and serves Him through her gift of prayer. Her style is authentic, down-to-earth, and centered on the Holy Spirit’s truths.
— Sabrina R.
Powerful and insightful intercessor.
— Ellen E.
Zia clearly hears from the Lord and her prayers and words for me have offered hope in times of doubt, clearer direction for my own prayer times, and a loving reminder of just how close the Lord is to us and desires to communicate with us. She lives in a way that shows her heart’s desire is to be obedient to God’s call and be a clean vessel to carry out His work, His way, regardless of the cost.
— Jim G.
The greatest impact was not only the engagement of Dave and Zia with our community, but the release of the teaching on the redemptive gifts of the Holy Spirit. It not only gave identity to those who gave ear, but also helped to release a sense of purpose to many. Your concern and caring have proven to be appreciated by many!
Before I met Dave and Zia I came to a place in my spiritual journey that was like a wall, I couldn’t go through it, around it or over it. Two weeks before my prayer session Dave and Zia we’re praying and activated their prayer warriors. Immediately I noticed cracks in the wall. Before and after the prayer sessions I now say the wall has been obliterated. My gifts from the Holy Spirit have been strengthened and emboldened. I’ve learned to keep my hedge of protection fortified and completely supplied with the correct and abundance of ammunition. Another way to describe what has taken place is this. There’s a scene in Jesus of Nazareth I liken my experience to when explaining. It goes like this: Jesus heals a blind man in the temple. The Pharisees question him afterwards. They said, “are you saying this man healed you? Only God can heal and forgive sins! The blind man responds, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I do know I was blind but now I see!” I painstakingly discerned if I should go outside my church and do the prayer session. I am blessed to have let the Spirit lead me and I am confident God‘s will is being done. If they’re not against him they are for him. Jesus assures us we will know who is with him and who is against. God is certainly using Dave and Zia to help heal their brothers and sisters in Christ. I am eternally grateful.
Zia is a humble and uncompromising prophetic voice. We feel incredibly grateful to know her and to have been invited to join in our walk together in Christ. She blesses all with her integrity, creativity, unflinching courage and bravery. Dave has gifted us us confirmations and solid instruction in the Spirit. Dave & Zia also share the joy of Jesus in unique and playful ways. Their sacred union and work serve as a model of the power, grace and love of Christ in our own everyday life, our creativity and play, worship, love and marriage.
I’ve known Dave and Zia for many years and can attest to their clear and heartfelt devotion to God. We have prayed together on multiple occasions, and they both possess unique gifts of hearing and insight from the Holy Spirit to whatever issue is being addressed. I recommend them highly.
— AMY B.
Well besides being made part of the family where I can find people to relate to and a place to belong, the exposing of inner parts I did not know I had and issues I needed to release to God has enabled me to accelerate my growth without having to drag so much baggage around.
— JOE W.
God definitely shows up during prayer with Dave & Zia; in my first session, He showed Zia my deepest known wound (something I had not spoken of), and healing was enabled. Terrific team, easy to talk to, and they definitely exhibit Jesus.
A lot of transformation and movement has taken place so it will be hard to adequately describe in words!  Zia has an amazing ability to partner with the Holy Spirit and hear his voice. Through prayer sessions she has uncovered the root cause of several obstacles and blocks in my life. As a result, we have been able address the blocks in prayer and find progress in many areas - specifically in my marriage, health, and ability to trust in God’s care and protection. I have received the grace and courage to allow God to be the driver in my car and enjoy the ride so much more! She has also helped me to balance and unlock the spiritual gifts that God has given to me.  God has been awakening and transforming me in an accelerated fashion since I first started meeting with Zia. He is definitely on the move through Uncork! 
“On two separate occasions recently we prayed into heaviness/oppression afflicting someone in group and within a few minutes their overall demeanor and expressions are happier, peaceful and a they are joyful. The touch of Christ our Healer...each of them changed in that moment in time! “
Zia has a great mix of in-depth knowledge, keen spiritual discernment, and a caring heart. She’s clarified things and helped me get through some road blocks in my life.
“I’ve  gone back and forth from spiritual counselor to spiritual counselor, and only got so far in my progress of being free from the demonic powers that had affected my life for so long. It wasn’t until I met Zia, that she seemed to understand exactly what needed to happen, and how to keep the demonic forces from taking the ground we worked to reclaim.  I’ve never met anyone as knowledgeable/sensitive in the spirit realm as she. And I don’t know if I would still be here writing this testimonial without her help, or the gifting Father God has given her.”
— BOB W.
I would like to thank God for Zia’s ministry.  Zia is very sensitive to Holy Spirit and to Jesus. She has helped me in connecting with Jesus to clear up the alien human spirits in my ancestral lines.  I deeply appreciate and honour it. It has helped me grow deeper in my walk with the Lord.