Banned TED Talk

Pretty sure he's onto something. Banned TED talk. A Cambridge biologist talks about 'The Science Delusion'. Could it be that Dawkins and people like him are as bad for science as the Church was for Galileo in the 17th century? Could it be that we are now forced to differentiate between religion and God? Could it be that 'science' has created it's own religion from an out-worn and mechanistic materialism? Both non-believers and believers would do well to examine the creation of unaccountable belief structures at the expense of truth. The Pope has shown us that. Interestingly, the tables have turned since Galileo, or for that matter, 1995. Many believers have chosen experiential theology over dogma, while not abandoning basic tenants of faith long-proven through mystical tradition. It's too bad that the noisiest believers are often the most dogmatic, and the quiet majority are ashamed of their faith because of them. Funny thing, when real/experiential truth wins, love is the natural byproduct, and God is love.

Constanzia Hooker