God Concept

Some very wise people taught me that our original God concept corresponds pretty closely to childhood experiences with our original fathers. I know this is true for me. This idea seems to play itself out even further. Lately, I keep thinking that those hostile toward God and those hostile for God probably had the same sort of fathers. One decided to reject that monstrous God and the other decided to become him. The motivation for both is fear and self-protection. Those hostile toward God become orphans from this monster. Those hostile for this God become slaves to him. This pattern seems to apply toward all gradations from here - the absent father, the co-dependent father, the bi-polar father, the distant father, the manipulative father, or the not-there-for-you-when-it-really-counts father. Because all of our fathers were broken somehow, even if they were basically good hearted. It is much more rare, even among believers in God (especially among believers in God), to find a person whose emotional God concept doesn't correspond with a certain growing-up experience, whose heart has been healed to see a loving, gentle, and protective Father in Heaven. Jesus said, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." Jesus said that the Father in Heaven is just like his son. It is, in fact, so rare for someone to have a God concept that corresponds to Jesus that it may be classified as what is commonly referred to as a miracle.