I get really jazzed about finding patterns in nature, patterns in the kingdom, patterns in scripture. Basically, God's design.

Just thinking today that knowing God's design creates faith. Truly. For instance, when people finally understood the earth was round, they had the faith to sail around it and find new lands.

Before that, they lived in fear of sailing off the earth, into an abyss. I believe there is more design in the spirit than we often look for, to the most minuscule detail, just like in nature. When we don't understand this, we live in fear of what is beyond our sphere of direct control. We protect ourselves. We manipulate. We are afraid of disagreement. We create division and denominationalism for instance. We gather yes men and women around us. We don't talk. We aren't authentic versions of ourselves. Honesty is lacking.

But when we see God's hand, we can play. When we are confident that he is a designer and a lover first, and that it all makes sense somehow, we can explore. We can test the boundaries of our thinking and understanding. When we see God's hand in it, his pattern, trust his voice, we know we are safe, and we can grow and challenge and ask questions. We are not focused on fear anymore, and we know the devil is but a poor copycat.

Basically, everything the devil does is both fear inducing and a dysfunctional copy of the real thing. Scratch a lie and get fear and dysfunction. Scratch the truth and get love and life-giving workability.

So, ask God what are the lies in my life? What doesn't work because I've listen to fear?
On the flip side, ask Him: what is the design? What is the divine workability that He intended for the situations you are looking at? Ask him. I'm 100% sure He'll tell you.

He will tell you, AND it's super fun to explore with God!


Constanzia Hooker