Releasing Your Soul Genius [For creatives]
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Recognizing and Releasing Your Everyday UNIQUE Creative spirituality
For Relationships, Art, Career, Health

Uncork Genius is the unusually effective prayer and coaching ministry from Constanzia (Zia) Hooker, specializing in uncommon solutions for difficult spiritual problems.  

The strategy is to help bring out the inner genius within that the Holy Spirit gives each of us.  And the results are creative and life-astonishing, accessed through the multi-faceting healing that only God can do.  

This may seem too out-of-reach, but specific answers to prayers have included: 

  • Repairing existing marriages.

  • Freedom from blocks toward entering marriages.

  • Significant physical healing (including release from auto-immune diseases, cancer, and mental illness).

  • Removal of financial curses.

  • Restoration of damaged emotions from trauma, including soul disassociation / parts / fragments 

  • Refreshing the artistic dimension.

  •  . . . And a variety of other circumstantial life changes.  

The goal is to allow God to release the creative favor He designed.  "I have come that you may experience life to the full."  John 10:10




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If you’ve ever polished tarnished silver or brass, you know how amazing it is when it starts to shine. This is how I would describe Zia’s ministry and how it’s impacted me. She is one of God’s restoration artists, bringing to light the harmful lies that we often allow to mask the awesome gifts and purposes He has given us, and helping to lead us out of those lies to freedom. There are things I might never have realized about myself if she hadn’t revealed them to me—not her alone of course, but the Holy Spirit speaking through her, in her own humble, gentle, and creative way.
“Instead of bronze I will bring gold, instead of iron I will bring silver; Instead of wood, bronze; instead of stones, iron. I will appoint peace your governor, and justice your ruler.” (Isaiah 60:17). This is exactly what God wants to do for each one of us, to take away our junk, show us our best selves, and make us shine for Him. Zia is one of his very unique instruments for doing just that. I thank the Lord for her!
— Bob F.
Constanzia has been a catalyst in my beginning an intense healing with God that I have been waiting to receive for years but needed someone to shed some light into my stuck situation. Constanzia did just that. Her wisdom and insight is truly God given. She has helped expose the lies that were a part of my thought patterns and helped initiate the start of the Lord untangling parts of my life that were holding me back. She has helped me understand and embrace who God has created me to be. I am walking freer and ready to start pursuing my God given talents and desires that have been sitting dormant. Constanzia engages with honour, compassion and enthusiasm. I highly recommend her.
— Anna B.
Constanzia is an unusually gifted channel for the wisdom of God. I have known her well for several years and can vouch to the unique spiritual strength she can impart on others. She is direct light from heaven. When you have an issue that you can’t quite get to the root of, consultation with her will save one from lot of unnecessary striving. She is impressively talented in many aspects: pure hearted, supernatural inspiration, rare insight, constant faith, and enjoyable company. Enjoy!
— Dave N.
Zia, as I know her, for as long as I’ve known her has given consistent, brilliant, penetrating wisdom. I would send anyone I care about to her for counsel and a fresh perspective. Wisdom has blossomed in her like a brussel sprout - packed with nutrition, and sweeter for the rough weather she’s personally been through. Zia’s also very much like a hard working miner, and her determination and resolve to get to the root of a problem shows up in the time she’s willing to invest in prayer with a person. Her bright faith and reassuringly mature perspective is a great fit for a personal coach. Be blessed!
— Owusu Free A.